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Autism Awareness

This course is an introduction into Autistic Spectrum Disorders, looking at Autism and Aspergers, as well as going through the 'Triad of Impairments', the S.P.E.L.L. framework, sensory issues and discussions around the signs, symptoms and consequences of what someone with ASD may be experiencing. 

Bullying Awareness

This course looks at the bullying view a view to supporting a young person through the issues faced. Cyber bullying and social media is covered in the course, along with ways for someone to cope, and suport options.

Dementia Awareness

•Types of dementia
•Language and communication
•Dignity and respect
•Unusual behaviour
•Depression and anxiety
•Later stages
•End of life care

Epilepsy Awareness

•Epilepsy facts
•What is epilepsy?
•Psycho-social issues
•Cause of epilepsy
•Diagnosis and support
NOTE: We can also cover buccal Midazolam and/or rectal Diazepam as part of the session if required.
The course content is approved by the Joint Epilepsy Council.

Equality and Diversity

•The importance of Equality and Diversity
•Working in an equal, diverse and inclusive way
The 9 protected characteristics
•Promoting equality and inclusion

HIV and AIDS Awareness

  • What is HIV & AIDS?
  • How is HIV transmitted?
  • Prevention
  • Symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Living with
  • Further information

Self Harm Awareness

•What is self harm?
•Why do people self harm?
•Self harm as a form of communication
•Limiting beliefs
•Harm minimisation approach
•Moral, legal and ethical issues

Safeguarding Children

•What is abuse?
•Abuse – criminal offences
•Vulnerable adults
•Types of abuse and their indicators
•Recording and reporting abuse

Nutrition and Hydration

•Models of Health & wellbeing
•Physical Health
•Eat well plate

Palliative Care

•What is palliative care
•Models of palliative care
•Care planning
•Preparatory grief
•Distressing symptoms
•Personal care needs
•Final hours
•Supporting relatives
•Last offices

Management / Leadership courses

We have a suite of management courses that can be tailored to your organisation's needs. Courses available include:

Interviewing techniques

Complaint handling

Supervision / appraisal management

Call handling skills

Communication skills

Courses are developed to an awareness / refresher level (half day). If you would like a more specialist course developing please do get in touch.

Mental Health courses

We have designed and delivered a variety of courses regarding mental health awareness, such as:

Acquired Brain Injuries (ABIs)



Complex Behaviours & Dual Diagnosis

Mental Health Awareness


Clinical courses

Our clinical trainers are all qualified nurses and have the appropriate experience and training qualifications for more specialist training. Our courses include:

Epilepsy & Buccal midazolam 

PEG feeding

Syringe driver

Apnoea and resuscitation

Pressure care

Trache / gastrostomy care


We have a Medication Administration and Management course (half day basic or full day extra content) which we can deliver tailored to your staff and organisation needs. Content usually covered includes:

  • Types of medication
  • Legislation, regulations, policies & procedures
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Accountability
  • The '5 rights'
  • MAR sheets
  • Controlled drugs
  • Effect of medication
  • Disposal

Mental Capacity Act

We can offer either a half day or full day training course on the Mental Capacity Act and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards. Standard content includes:

  • What is mental capacity?
  • What are the Mental Capacity Act principles?
  • Making capacity assessments
  • The 5 principles
  • Mental Capacity test
  • 'Best interests' checklist
  • Helping with decision making
  • Legal roles and agencies
  • Code of Practice
  • Record keeping
  • Legislation

DoLS content also covers the Bournewood Case, fluctuating capacity, advanced decisions and issues regarding restraint.

First Aid

First Aid Courses

We can offer basic and refresher first aid as well as accredited level 2 Emergency First Aid at Work or level 3 First Aid at Work (we are accredited through the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)

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First Aid

Safety, Health & Hygiene Courses

From accredited Food Safety through to Moving & Handling, Infection Control, Fire Safety and Health & Safety, we have your safety training covered.

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First Aid

Specialist Courses

From Autism and Epilepsy to PEG Feeding and Dementia, we can provide specialist courses to suit your needs - if you don't see what you want, give us a call!

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First Aid

The Care Certificate

We have developed a 3-day and 5-day Care Certificate training package designed to get your staff compliant with the Skills for Care requirements.

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Options Training are now officially endorsed by Skills For Care, and became a recognsied provider in November 2016 - congratulations to everyone involved in the assessment process!

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